Who we are

Lifestores manages a chain of affordable pharmacies and a pioneering chronic disease management program

Our Vision

Africa’s pharmacy space is broken and under-developed, and Nigeria is a prime example. We are challenged by fake medicines, expensive treatments and sub-par customer service. While the rich can pay for the best medicines and services, the rest of us are left with sub-standard healthcare and reduced quality of life.

We started Lifestores to make quality healthcare the norm for all. At Lifestores, we are building a chain of community pharmacies and health programs to serve all Nigerians. We partner with trusted manufacturers and distributors, and pass on their discounts to you.

Our vision is for all Nigerians to be empowered to take control of their health.


We are a team of healthcare professionals and experienced managers passionate about improving health access in Africa. We’re based in Lagos, Nigeria. Interested in joining us? Send a note to careers@lifestorespharmacy.com